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How can you use Preciosa hotfix crystals?

May 18, 2020

How can you use Preciosa hotfix crystals?

Looking for ways to use Preciosa hotfix crystals? Thanks to the high-quality design of these crystals, they can be used in a vast range of projects. From clothing embellishments to soft furnishing application, they have the potential to help you create beautiful, sparkling designs.

To help get you started, below you’ll discover just a few of the ways these stunning crystals can be used.

Clothing embellishments

One of the easiest ways to use Preciosa hotfix crystals is in clothing embellishments. Using an iron or a heated applicator, you can create beautiful embellishments on everything from jumpers to scarves.

This can also be a cost-effective idea, as you can pick up plain clothing at wholesale prices, then invest in our wholesale Preciosa hotfix crystals. Once you’ve created your stunning designs, you can then sell the clothing on for a nice profit. Crystal-embellished clothing is always going to be a hit with customers, particularly when you’re using these high-quality crystals.

Sparkling soft furnishings

You can also use the crystals to create sparkling soft furnishings. Add them to cushion covers to add a subtle hint of luxury in the home. Or use them to create sparkling borders on curtains and sofa throws.

Shoes to die for

Another profitable way to use these crystals is to add them to shoes. Whether you use them just on the heel of the shoe, or as a subtle border across the rim, it really helps to create a glitzy design. You can sell them as special occasion shoes, such as for proms, weddings and parties.


Preciosa hotfix crystals are sparkling and beautiful, and they can easily be applied to dancewear. The competitive dance industry is thriving, and new, stand-out dancewear is always required. Using these crystals can really give you an edge over your competitors due to their high-quality design.

These are just some of the ways you can use Preciosa hotfix crystals. If you take a look online, you’ll find hundreds of design ideas you can use as a base to get started. Whatever type of designs you choose to work on, our wholesale packs can help you to save money and increase your profits.

In order to apply these crystals, you’re going to need a good quality applicator. This will help not only to secure them properly, but to ensure they are applied precisely for a more professional finish. Browse our full range of Preciosa hotfix crystals today, all of which are available in single and wholesale pack options.


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