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Trilogy Nail Systems Core Product Acrylic Powder 60g - White

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Choose from our extensive range of Core Products and Acrylic Powders from the Trilogy Nail System. White is brilliant whitenon-yellowing and very crisp. This is a competition winning product and a must for Nail Technicians at all levels.

White is available to purchase in 60g pots.

  • The blend of the powder is very fine and colour stable with the flexibility and clarity to produce the perfect enhancement
  • Used with Trilogy Monomer you can create an enhancement that has exceptional adhesion and is self-leveling, giving you effortless work-ability
  • Due to the perfect formulation filing is a dream and not a chore making life so much easier for nail technicians 

Bluestreak Crystals are affiliated with Trilogy and are an official reseller for their range of nail products.


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