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Swarovski® Flatback Crystals Application & Embellishment - Deluxe Set

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Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Flatback Crystal Application & Embellishment Sets. This Deluxe Set includes everything you need to get going and start applying Swarovski® Flatback Crystals Non Hotfix.
This set includes five key embellishment components and tools listed below:
  • Swarovski® Flatback Crystals - mixed pack of 250 various sized clear crystals;
  • Magical Tray - great for scooping, pouring, & sorting Swarovski® Flatback Crystals;
  • Gem Tac Glue - non-toxic glue for the application of Swarovski® Flatback Crystals to jeans, shoes, bags and t-shirts etc.
  • Stacked Storage Jars - 5 screw top jars to store your Swarovski® Flatback Crystals in;
  • Jewel Setter - to help pick up and place your Swarovski® Flatback Crystals easily


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