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Sterling Silver (925) Jewellery Findings Pendant Bails

Size Guide

Choose from our extensive range of high quality Sterling Silver Jewellery Findings for your jewellery making projects.  Our range includes Sterling Silver (925) Pear & Heart Pinch Pendant Bails in various sizes. Can be purchased in a variety of pack sizes.

  • Small Pear Pinch Bail - 10mm
  • Large Pear Pinch Bail -  14mm
  • Small Open Heart Pinch Bail - 12mm
  • Large Open Heart Pinch Bail - 15.7mm
  • Leaf Bail - 17mm
  • Open Leaf Pinch Bail - 12x4mm
  • Stirrup Pinch Bail - 11mm
  • Droplet Bail - 15.5mm
  • Wide Bail - 16.7mm x 8.2mm


Swarovski Crystals Size Chart
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