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Nail Art Swarovski® Crystal Pixie™ Bubble Street Star

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Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Crystal Pixie. Swarovski® CrystalPixie™ Bubble is a sparkling revolution for the nail art palette that takes its inspiration from Swarovski Galuchat. Leading the trend for glossy textures, it's made from uncut crystal balls in three sizes that, when clustered together, create an innovative 3D bubbly effect.

Street Star introduces fashion‘s new It-girl: the skater chick. She mixes authentic sportswear and street style with a festival look, referencing 80s neon graphics, iridescence, and dark intergalactic shades.

Swarovski® Crystal Pixie™ Bubble - Street Star Includes:

  • 5g Swarovski® Crystal Pixie™ Bubble in Street Star
  • Funnel
  • Leaflet


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