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Monster Dream Mix of Swarovski® Flatback Crystals No Hotfix

Size Guide

Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Crystals in packs of mixed colours & sizes for embellishment projects.

With nearly 12,000 Swarovski® Crystals this Mix is what dreams are made of! This Monster Dream Mix consists of fifty of our most popular Swarovski® Crystal Mixes and comes with a luxury velvet lined display case with glass lid and internal storage jars which are secured by a foam layer. The display case measures 37.5x21x5.5cm:

  • Air Mix
  • Angel Mix
  • Aurum Colour Mix
  • Autumn Mix
  • Berry Mix
  • Blue Colour Mix
  • Blue Wizard Mix
  • Candy Mix
  • Crystal & Jet Colour Mix
  • Delite Mix
  • Desert Mix
  • Earth Mix
  • Electric Mix
  • Fire Mix
  • Flamingo Mix
  • Green Colour Mix
  • Green Wizard Mix
  • Halloween Mix
  • Hearts Mix
  • Jungle Mix
  • Mini Shapes Mix in Crystal
  • Mini Shapes Mix in Crystal AB
  • Mistletoe Mix
  • Pearl Mix
  • Pink Colour Mix
  • Pink Champagne Mix
  • Pink Wizard Mix
  • Poppy Mix
  • Purple Colour Mix
  • Rainbow Mix
  • Red Colour Mix
  • Red Wizard Mix
  • Rose Gold Colour Mix
  • Shapes Mix in Crystal
  • Shapes Mix in Crystal AB
  • Shimmer Mix
  • Size Mix in Crystal
  • Size Mix in Crystal AB
  • Sparkle Mix
  • Spring Mix
  • Stone Mix in Crystal AB
  • Stone Mix in Opal
  • Stone Mix in Rose Gold
  • Strawberries & Cream Mix
  • Summer Mix
  • Sunshine Mix
  • Unicorn Mix
  • Water Mix
  • Winter Mix
  • Yellow Wizard Mix

Please note that alternative mixes may be used if certain stock is unavailable.

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