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Flex-Rite Beading Micro-Wire for Jewellery Making

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Choose from our extensive range of branded high quality jewellery making thread, cord & wire. Flex-rite micro-wire is a nylon coated stainless steel wire, which is perfect for beads with sharp edges that might cut the thread. Available in either 7 strand or 49 strand
  • Colours include; Pearl Silver, Clear Sterling Silver (925) or Gold Plate (24kt)
  • Length varies from: 30 foot (9.2m) to 100 foot (30m)
  • Break points are:
    • 7 Strand 0.014" at 9.3lb or 0.018" at 20.6lb
    • 49 Strand 0.018 Sterling Silver at 6lb or 0.018 Gold Plate at 24lb.


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