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Nail Art Swarovski® Crystal Pixie™ Edge White Ballet

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Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Crystal Pixie. Swarovski® CrystalPixie™ Edge features thousands of loose crystals that glitter with a super-sharp bi-cone cut. Unconventional and brilliantly eye-catching, the effect is a glam-punk look that truly makes a statement.

A sharply faceted bottle cap reflects the spikier crystals inside, differentiating Edge from the others. Wear alone or mix ‘n’ match with the finer, smoother stones of Swarovski Crystal Pixie ™ Edge for myriad designs that celebrate the spirit of individuality.

White Ballet is pale and interesting, rather than stark, with White Opal softening the sleek minimalism into a delicate alabaster palette reminiscent of ballet’s graceful elegance.

Swarovski Crystal Pixie ™ Edge - White Ballet Includes:

  • 5g Crystal Pixie ™ Edge in White Opal
  • Funnel
  • Leaflet


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