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9030/001 Swarovski® Chaton Sieve For Chatons PP2 To PP20

Size Guide
Choose from our extensive range of high quality jewellery making and embellishment tools.The Chaton Sieve is an application aid especially developed for working with Swarovski® Chatons. It perfectly supports the first step of the application process by bringing the Chatons into the necessary starting position.

Key Features:

  • Allows easy handling of Chatons when arranging them for the application process
  • Four cavity sizes on two sieves available for Swarovski® Chatons of different sizes
  • Perfect aid for gluing and for working with Ceralun™
  • Light but solid material (polyurethane)

Available Sizes

When working with Chatons size PP2 – PP20, the grey Chaton Sieve (9030/001) with its narrow gaps is the right choice. Work with Chatons size PP 2 – PP 8 on side one and turn the sieve when wider gaps for Chatons size PP 9 – PP 20 are needed.


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