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9020 Swarovski® Ceralun Clay Shining Lilac

Size Guide

Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Ceralun™ Clay in all colours made by Swarovski®. Black clay can be purchased in Small & Wholesale packs.

20g packs are available for immediate dispatch and 100g wholesale packs may take 5-15 days to dispatch as these have to be ordered direct from Swarovski®.

Ceralun™ is a versatile and strong two-component, high-performance ceramic epoxy composite. This clay has been specifically developed and tailored to embed foiled and unfoiled crystals. Ceralun has a high level of hardness, rigidity, and shock absorbance. It is resistant to sweat, humidity, or climate changes, and shows no aging.

The clay is made up of two parts, an expoxy resin clay and a hardener that are mixed together by hand to form a malleable clay. Add foiled or unfoiled crystals and leave your design to dry for 72 hours.

Please note: once the pack of clay has been opened the clay has to be used. If you only plan to use a little at a time, I would recommend buying the small 20g packs.

100g Pack: All of the clay is contained in one single pack of 100g. Please note that these are not held in stock and will take 5-15 days for dispatch:


20g Packs: The clay comes in 20g packs and can be purchased separately or in a box of five packs (100g in total).  Please note the 5x20g packs are not held in stock and take 5-15 days for dispatch:




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