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53007 Swarovski® Rivets Back Parts - 8mm

Size Guide

The 53007 Swarovski® Rivet Back Part is suitable for use with thinner fabrics as it has a larger back part. Its size means that the Back Part can better hold the split Rivet shaft, avaoiding any damage to the crystal. The Swarovski® rivets are applied using a Crystal Applicator and Rivet Die set.

  • Colour - Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Size - 8mm
  • Fabric use - thinner fabrics
  • Rivets to fit - 53000, 53001, 53005, 53006, 53010, 53011, 53500, 53501, 53502, 53503, 53700.

    Please note that this product has a dispatch time of 5-15 days.


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