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Swarovski Strass® Lighting Crystals & Chandeliers

Swarovski offers a wide range of crystals specifically designed and made for lighting, strands and chandeliers. 


Swarovski Lighting Crystals are made according to the market-leading, patented ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. As a guarantee of their quality, Swarovski Strass® Lighting components carry the permanent, laser-engraved Quality Signature.

Key features of the range include:

  • Over 500 types of lighting crystal featuring superior glass volume
  • A broad range of unique and complex cuts
  • Every crystal is carefully quality-checked to the very highest standard
  • Customized products available on request

Annual product launches and Designer Editions ensure a vast and varied range of design possibilities.


Advanced Crystal is a pioneering, lead-free crystal formula that stands for uniform and reliable quality of highest degree:

  • Unparalleled brilliance
  • Dazzling depth of colour
  • Technical precision.

Advanced Crystal is entirely made of carefully selected raw materials in outstanding purity, in order to reach its excellent quality standard. So it is a perfect and sustainable alternative to full lead crystal.

Technical measures confirm that Advanced Crystal combines prefect light distribution with the highest luminosity and color intensity to form a crystal with infinite brilliance – characteristics that make Swarovski the benchmark within the industry.

Swarovski lighting crystals and components can be purchased separately (as per the list below) or in ready made strands / chandeliers. For more details or a quote please contact us.

  • 8115 Swarovski Crystal Octagon Lily 1 Hole
  • 8116 Swarovski Crystal Octagon Lily 2 Holes 
  • 8321 Swarovski Prism
  • 8322 Swarovski Prism 2 Holes
  • 8450 Swarovski Coffin Stone 2 Holes
  • 8451 Swarovski Coffin Stone
  • 8558 Swarovski Ball Pendant
  • 8601 Swarovski Drop
  • 8611 Swarovski Drop
  • 8621 Swarovski Drop
  • 8641 Swarovski Drop
  • 8671 Swarovski Hexagonal Prism
  • 8721 Swarovski Pear Shape
  • 8731 Swarovski Drop
  • 8930 Swarovski Pendeloque
  • 8560 Swarovski Cone Stone
  • 8950 Swarovski Crystal Cones
  • 8983 Swarovski Moravian Star
  • 8990 Swarovski Crystal Strands



Swarovski Crystals Size Chart & Guide
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