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Wholesale Trade Discount Account

Swarovski crystals Wholesale, open a trade account with bluestreak crystals and buy swarovski crystals and beads at discounted rates

For those customers ordering Swarovski® Crystals in large volumes i.e. £100+ per month or £1200+ per year, we are now offering you the opportunity to open a Wholesale Trade Discount Account, which offers the following benefits:

    • Significant trade discount across our entire range, including Swarovski Beads and Crystals in both retail and wholesale packs
    • Credit Terms for all purchases up to a predetermined and agreed monthly Credit Limit (please note - this is only available for large accounts spending in excess of £2,000 per month)

To request a Wholesale Trade Discount Account, please complete the application form below:


Swarovski Crystals Size Chart & Guide
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