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Bluestreak Account Manager

swarovski key account manager for large volume and wholesale orders

For those customers who are ordering Swarovski® Crystals in large volumes (i.e. over £10,000 per year), we are understand you are busy running your own business and therefore we are now offering you a dedicated account manager to help process and manage your orders, from start to finish.


No need to enter your orders manually online Your account manager will take your order over the phone or via email and enter these into our order management system for you.
No need to pay via our online credit card payments Your account manager will invoice you and payment can be made via bank transfer*.
Unable to locate the swarovski® crystals you are looking for Your account manager will track down the crystals or colours you are searching for and provide recommendations.
Unable to find a solution with the swarovski® range available Your account manager will come up with alternate options to meet your requirements. We find there are many options if you know the Swarovski® product range well enough.
Prefer to use your own business courier account Your account manager will arrange for all of your shipments to be dispatched using your courier details.
No time to track orders in-time for key delivery dates Your account manager will proactively track your orders and provide regular updates with regards to estimated dispatch and delivery dates.

*Please note - we do not offer credit, invoices must be paid in full before your order will be processed.

If you are interested in using our account management service, please complete the request form below: 


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