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Enhance Your Swarovski Nails Skills with the Crystal Beauty Academy

October 22, 2019

Enhance Your Swarovski Nails Skills with the Crystal Beauty Academy

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your personal nail art skills, or you’re looking to boost your career, our Swarovski Crystal Beauty Academy can help.

This workshop has been created to help nail technicians understand more about creating beautiful designs. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge, as well as practical skills, to help you create more professional, stunning designs.

Here, you’ll learn more about the Crystal Beauty Academy and the benefits it can deliver.

What is the Crystal Beauty Academy?

The Crystal Beauty Academy is a unique workshop designed with nail technicians in mind. Our goal is to create an elite community of nail artists who can apply and create Swarovski Crystal nails at a professional level.

The workshop teaches you how to use these nail crystals in both manicures and pedicures. You’ll also learn how to create lasting designs which won’t fall off for weeks.

What does it include?

When you sign up to the Crystal Beauty Academy, you’ll receive a tote bag filled with all the products you’ll need to get started. This includes a manual, Swarovski nails products, a branded work mat and Swarovski nail accessories.

Once you’ve completed the workshop, you’ll also receive a certificate. This can be used to showcase your skills to potential clients.

Gain access to exclusive nail artist kits

The workshop also gives you access to exclusive nail artist kits. You will need to pay for these kits, but they’re a real investment into your career. 

Once you’ve completed the workshop and become a certified nail artist, you will be welcome to join our Brand Ambassador Program. This enables you to get exclusive discounts on your purchases through us. All that we’ll ask in return is that you help promote us through social media. The level of discounts you’ll receive will depend upon how much you order, and how wide your social reach is.

You can check out the Crystal Beauty Academy workshop calendar here. Book yourself into any of the workshops offered, and receive all of the benefits above. By the time you complete this workshop, you’ll have gained invaluable knowledge on how to create stunning nail designs.

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, our Swarovski nails workshops are highly recommended. Sign up to one today, or contact us to learn more about the features and benefits of participating in these workshops.


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