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Adding Swarovski Crystal Pearls to Your Jewellery

March 15, 2018

Adding Swarovski Crystal Pearls to Your Jewellery

At Bluestreak Crystals, we simply love pearls in jewellery – and in all things, really! They're an often underrated and overlooked addition to jewellery that we think everyone should add in to their DIY practices. Why not add some to your jewellery? From classic to retro, as well as modern and chic, there are lots of looks that pearlscomplement, add to, or even create.

Emulate Carrie Bradshaw, circa season 6 of Sex and the City, with her Parisian necklace featuring a few small pearls on a simple chain. The look was effortless and definitely chic (she was in Paris, after all). Our Swarovski Pearls Round in cream would mirror this look perfectly. If you have a plain chain that fits snugly around your decolletage, add three or four small round Swarovski pearls for this stunning look. For a pop of colour, try Iridescent Red or Dark Lapis for an evening look.

For a fun daytime look, add up to 20 pearls on a simple chain, with varying sizes and colours. Rose Gold and Light Grey create a subtle and classic look, or Jade and Light Gold for retro glamour.

Try out a wraparound leather bracelet with dozens of pearls added for a chunky effect and daytime chic. Mix it up with Swarovski pearls in varying shapes, like pear or baroque. A black leather bracelet looks especially eye-catching with bold colours like Jade, Dark Lapis, Turquoise, and Red Coral. For summertime pastels, try Peach, Pastel Yellow, and Platinum with a white leather bracelet.
We also carry Swarovski pearls with gold and silver findings, ready to create your own pearl earrings. The 10mm pearl comes with either silver or gold findings, and hooks right onto an existing earring or earring hook. Pair with a simple necklace for a stunning evening look.

Accessorise your hair with some DIY hairpins. Add a dab of glue to the end of your hairpin, then gently but firmly affix a cabochon pearl. These Swarovski pearls are oval shaped and flatback for easy application to hair accessories, for example. How about stunning Iridescent Red or Scarabaeus Green for a glittery yet subtle effect in dark hair? Give blonde hair a pop with Pastel Blue or Pastel Green.

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