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3 Necklace Ideas Using Swarovski Bicone Beads

August 12, 2019

3 Necklace Ideas Using Swarovski Bicone Beads

Did you know Swarovski Bicone beads can help you to create stunning pieces of jewellery? Whether you’re looking to create a high-end children’s jewellery collection, or whether you’re looking to create fun, adult pieces, Bicone beads can help.

There are so many different jewellery designs you can create with these beads. Here, you’ll discover just 3 necklace ideas using Swarovski Bicone beads you can create.

  1. The graduated Bicone bead necklace

If you want to create more of a statement piece, you’ll want to consider a graduated Bicone bead necklace. This incorporates two lines of Swarovski Bicone beads, forming a V-shape at the bottom. You’ll need three different sized Bicone beads: 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.

Start with the larger Bicone beads in the centre of the necklace where it will hang down. Then, switch to the second largest, before ending the necklace design with the smallest Bicone beads towards the back. With this necklace, the beads will be threaded.

  1. Bead-woven necklace

If you want to create a slightly more complex Swarovski Bicone bead necklace, a bead-woven necklace is a great idea. Using a right-angle bead woven technique, this style of necklace provides a very elegant look and it is also more durable than some of the other Bicone bead necklace designs.

It does require a little more skill so it may not be suitable for beginners. However, if you want to create serious Bicone bead jewellery that’s going to attract a lot of new customers, or just a lot of compliments, you’ll want to give this style a try. You’ll find numerous instructional guides for bead woven Bicone bead necklaces online.

  1. Bicone bead and Swarovski elements necklace

Finally, if you do want to create a more complex Bicone bead necklace but you aren’t quite at intermediate level yet, you can simply add other Swarovski elements into its design. So, as well as creating a necklace with Swarovski Bicone beads, why not add some Swarovski pearls and pendants to enhance its design? Again, it will help here if you search for inspiration online.

The above are just 3 of many great necklace ideas you can create using Swarovski Bicone beads. At Bluestreak Crystals, we stock a huge range of Bicone beads, sourced directly from the Austrian Swarovski factory. Take a look at the full collection and consider ordering them in wholesale packs to make fantastic savings. You can also order multi-packs of Bicone beads, giving you a great selection to start working with.


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